Dream Buddy Kids Light Green


Sometimes we all need the comfort of an ambient night light to lull us to sleep. For kids, falling asleep with a Dream Buddy makes bed o’clock feel safe and easy. The soft light of this night lamp creates a cozy and calm atmosphere.  

hereas some light projectors, lava, or bubble lamps tend to get hot, the Crazy Safety Dream Buddy baby night light maintains a low temperature. The light has an optional automatic off-function, switching the light off after 90 minutes. This compact and cute kitty companion is dimmable and operates up to 10 hours on a recharge. 

The green Dream Buddy kids’ night light is charged by a USB cable included in the package. The light is CE/RoHS approved.

  • Design: adorable Crazy Safety design
  • Easy to use: USB-charged LED light
  • Compact size: 14 x 14 x 15cm
  • Tested for safety: CE/RoHS approved
  • For refunds and warranties, see more here