The Crazy Safety story!

From humble beginnings to a worldwide company.

Why are children so crazy about Crazy Safety?

Children love crazy things. And when they put on a Crazy Safety helmet, it is not just a bicycle helmet. It is an animal that is being brought to life. My own two children, Zeth and Manila, have been used as guinea pigs, and they love the crazy universe of the helmets. Even my wife finds them fun and decorative. And I certainly do not mind if Crazy Safety can even get adults to smile. 

Zdenko Oliver Santini”

How did the idea occur?

The idea occurred in the 8th grade, when my parents wanted me to wear a bicycle helmet. I found it totally geeky. Therefore, I decorated my helmet with a cardboard snout and teeth and two eyes made of polystyrene balls from art class. Then I suddenly had a crocodile on my head. My friends were crazy about the idea – and stood in line to get a helmet just like it.

“Zdenko Oliver Santini”

Tell us about the design process

First, I drew the figures by hand, after which I had digital 3D models made by a professional graphic designer. However, the models were much too angular and lifeless. Therefore, I decided to make the figures out of modelling wax on an ordinary bicycle helmet, which I then sent to the manufacturer. This worked, and since then, I have used that method every time I have designed a new figure. 

Zdenko Oliver Santini”

The philosophy behind Crazy Safety

Safety can be fun! Crazy Safety offers a world filled with cool and charming animals that just wait to become your child's best friend. Behind the colorful characters, you will find the series of quality helmets and accessories keeping junior safe in traffic

Originally part of the major brand ABUS, Crazy Safety is now an independent brand, and owned by the original designer Zdenko Oliver Santini and partners. 


Zdenko Oliver Santini

Partner, inventor and designer of the Crazy Safety bicycle helmets. Zdenko has +20 years in the cartoon and design industry with a focus on kids. His many years as a 2D artist, has evolved into the design of the famous Crazy Safety 3D bicycle helmets. 

Casper F. Larsen

A former fighter pilot with strong management skills, makes Casper the perfect COO to have in New Shape ApS. His strong analytical abilities, combined with his understanding of the global online marketplaces, makes Casper the perfect candidate to support the continous growth of New Shape ApS. 

Kim Møller-Nielsen

+20 years of experience within the field of product innovation, development and management makes Kim the perfect partner to have in our business. Kim is a leader and innovative person, that makes him the perfect partner to have in New Shape ApS. 

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