it all started with a dream...

Back when Zdenko Oliver Santini was a kid, it became mandatory to wear a helmet. As the creative child he was, he created his very own Crazy Safety helmet with the help of glue and cardboard. Fast forward many years, the idea was still there, and he decided to act upon it and design a brand new line of products. 

Animal helmets

Crazy Safety

The first helmets we started to make, was the Crazy Safety animal helmets. It has been our favorite since we started, and more designs are made every season. 

If ever in doubt about the popularity, go visit instagram and search for Crazy Safety. Thousands of customers post images every month. 

COOL Series

Crazy Safety

In 2020 we launched our new COOL series of helmets. The idea was to create a rather cool and functional helmet, but still with the unique design and patterns that is in the spirit of Crazy Safety. 

Designed with multifunctional and rechargeable LED light, reflective straps and the newest manufacturing technology there is, we feel this the perfect helmet for kids and youngster around the world. 



In 2020 we launched a new brand - SKJOLD. SKJOLD is danish and originates from the old shields the vikings used to protect themselves from danger. 

The nordic design with its sleek design, mat colors in white and black and excellent safety features, it appeals to the nordic urban lifestyle. 

Full Face

Crazy Safety

In 2019 we introduced the Full Face Series. The helmets are designed to provide extra protection for the chin and face. Increasingly popular around the world, we decided to take them onboard. We are very happy we did! 



We are continuously developing new products that have a safety focus towards kids.

Currently we have developed the cute LED night light for kids. We are also developing unique bicycle bells, gloves, backpacks for kids and much more. Sign up as a club member below, and get notified when we launch new products.