Get the right fit!

First you need to measure the size of head. Use a measurement tape or a piece of string, and wrap it around the head of the child. Measure the length of the string in cm. If your result is i.e. 50 cm, select the helmet that correlates with that number (size 49-55 cm). Every helmet has a wheel-fit feature, that makes it possible to tighten the helmet to the correct size.  

We integrated a LED light in the back of Crazy Safety helmet, which serves as an extra light. Therefore, we suggest to use additional bike lights as well as reflectors and safety vest. 

Make sure that the helmet is placed on junior´s head properly!

Step 1 - Place the helmet on the head horizontally.

Step 2 - The straps should form the triangle around the ears. 

Step 3 - Adjust to the head size by turning the wheel.