Kids Night Light Green


It's nap time and it's that time all parents dread at one stage or another.

We've made nighttime simple with our super cute Dream Buddy night lamps for adults and kids of all ages. When the dimmable kitty night light enters the room, your child will feel safe and secure. The soft light creates a unique, cozy and calming atmosphere.


Comes in three beautiful colors.

Every night lamp is an adorable companion that will help you and your loved ones fall asleep and get a good night's rest. The colorful night lamp - with its adorable sleeping kitty - stays by your side while it brings you cozy light and warmth.


Safe to use and doesn't get hot.

Unlike nightlight projectors, lava lamps, and bubble lamps, the Dream Buddy kitty light doesn't emit heat. In addition, the bedside lamp has a built in AUTO-OFF function that turns it off after 90 minutes. The Dream Buddy night light can operate for more than 10 hours before recharging is necessary.


The perfect gift for any occasion.

The super cute and giftable USB light comes in a beautiful designed box, making this a unique present for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, sleepovers, and much more.


Safety is our priority.

The CE/RoHS-approved bedside lamp is USB-rechargeable and comes with a USB cable, a Dream Buddy night lamp of your choice, an adorable sleeping cat and instructions on how to use the single touch dim-function and on/off button. All wrapped in a beautiful and giftable colored box design.