Cable Management Box Bomb Lookalike


Cool Green Cable Management Box
This green cardboard box designed to look like a timebomb from one of the most popular games out there. Us as a cable box management box, pencil box, gaming box or similar. Designed with a tiny holes allowing cables to exit the box. 

Heavy duty cardboard cable management lookalike
The reusable heavy duty cardboard utility box measuring 6.3" x 3.9" x 6.3" is the perfect gamer accessories storage box for any gamer and office desk. Use to hide mobile phone charger, pencil holder, gamer gear and more.

Perfect gamers gift box
Every gamer in the world will love their merch gamer box from their favorite games.

The perfect gaming decorations
The gamer boxes are the perfect supply kit for any boy or girl and gamer room out there. Choose between a set of 1, 3 or a combo set of gamer supply boxes.

The perfect party supply mystery box for any birthday theme party
Buy as many as you need, and fill up with your own supplies for the perfect birthday party!

The perfect decor for bedrooms, man caves or gamer rooms
Impress your friends and family with the cool gamer memorabilia. Looks super cool in any room and at any desk.