What's the best bicycle helmet to buy?

Wow that is a tough question, right?... No, not really - it is a Crazy safety helmet of course, and let me explain to you why.

The best bicycle helmets isn't necessarily the one that parents thinks looks cool. A subtle black helmet is cool for adults, but not for small kids getting their first bicycle helmet. How the helmet looks, and how the kids look at it, is very important. 

We have all been there right. We are on the way to go bicycling, and our kids do not want to put on their helmet. They scream...you are late... It's a mess - You get the picture right? 

The Crazy Safety Animal helmets is every child's dream helmet. Not only does it has a very important and serious function, but it also becomes an imaginary close friend of your child - kinda like teddy bears. 

No kid will ever forget their new best "helmet" friend when they go out on the bicycle or scooter. We receive so many cute and fun instagram tags from our customers, saying that their child loves their new helmet. No kidding - Check out our Instagram account or search the #CrazySafety.

The Crazy Safety bicycle helmets for kids are among the safest bicycle helmets, because...

  • It fits snugly and stays properly in position on your child's head because of the adjustable harness and turning wheel
  • It has a built in LED light, for extra visibility during dusk and dawn
  • It is light and comfortable to wear for hours and hours
  • It has plenty of ventilation holes, so it stays cool
  • Most kids love the look of it, and will actually want to wear it every time they go bicycling
  • It meets all the latest consumer standards in both Europe and USA.

That's it. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,