Does a bicycle helmet really save lives?

It is an obvious answer - YES they do. However there are many who argues against making it mandatory to wear a helmet. 

There are many studies that show wearing a helmet has a significant better chance of not sustaining serious head injuries.

A recent two-year study of injuries treated in one hospital by Dinh et al found that 
"A lower proportion of people wearing helmets had significant head injury... or facial injury... compared with non-helmet users... [and] helmet use was associated with a 70% decrease in the odds of significant head injury."
To sum it up - wearing a helmet prevents - in some cases - serious head injuries. Therefore wear a bicycle helmet, and especially the young ones. It is important our children learn - from a very young age - that it is mandatory to wear a bicycle helmet, every time they go out on the tricycle, scooter or bicycle.

It is kinda like the seatbelt in my car. I actually think it is strange to start a car, without my seatbelt on. There is a trigger in my mind, that something is not right. That is the feeling we want our young ones to feel, every time they go bicycling, right?

A few tips:

Stay safe!

Casper Larsen
Crazy Safety